Get involved

I had a steady job over the last nine months. It was hard at the beginning. I haven’t started like most of my colleagues – being just a regular staff member. Therefore, they moved a lot of critics against me.  In some cases, you have to adapt. It was a little harsher than what I … Continua a leggere Get involved

Autumn ’16

PART I  – Building up, step by step. Seven months has flown by already. Yesterday I started to think about it, during a conversation. Two years ago, this should have been my way of thinking: the season’s done. Time “to go back home”. Tabula rasa. I am not having any seasonal job since more than … Continua a leggere Autumn ’16

The jump.

I’m on a taxi, the car window is half open, even if it’s November. Just in case. All of a sudden I have a memory of my last night dream. It was me with all the crew, they convince me to make bungee jumping. Like most of life situation, you don’t think about it too … Continua a leggere The jump.